Quick. Easy. Painless.

A simple mouth swab to collect DNA

A home-based DNA swab kit is all you need to send DNA to the lab. Start your child’s journey to success by personalizing his/her lifestyle to work with DNA.


Three Easy Steps To Get you Started

Order Kit

You can order SuperGene DNA kits online or by phone. Chose from DNA Learning, DNA Nutrition, DNA Athletics and DNA Obesity Risk. 

Collect & Mail the DNA Sample

Collect your child’s DNA sample using painless mouth swabs. No blood, no needles, and no doctors appointment required. Register the kit online and mail the DNA back to the laboratory for testing in the return envelope provided in the kit.

View Results

Receive results by email, mail or view online. DNA testing begins as soon as the samples arrive in the lab and you will receive and email notification as soon as your report is ready. 

What’s In the SuperGene DNA Kit?

Every kit contains all the supplies you need for collecting your child’s DNA and sending it back to our lab.

Start Your Child Off On The Journey to Success

Give your child every advantage to strive in the world today with SuperGene tests:

DNA Learning

Bring out the genius in your child with tailored learning

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DNA Athletics

Personalize the fitness and athletic activities of your child

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DNA Nutrition

Find out what vitamins & minerals your child needs

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DNA Obesity Risk

Help your child maintain a healthy weight

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