About Us

The Genovate laboratory one of the largest DNA testing facilities in North America, providing leading medical, legal, and forensic laboratory tests and services to clients from coast to coast.

Recognized for our innovation and quality, we strives to apply the latest discoveries in medicine and science to laboratory testing.

World-Class Laboratory Testing Services

Our testing laboratory has a sophisticated laboratory network, with over 1,000 chain-of-custody specimen collection facilities worldwide. With a menu of over 100 DNA test types which include identity, forensics, ancestry, and clinical molecular assays, we are recognized internationally for our excellence in DNA testing technology, molecular diagnostic research, and its commitment to developing and offering the latest DNA tests.

Our History

Our laboratory specializes in DNA testing. Our roots began as a legal and forensic DNA testing facility, performing advanced DNA analysis for government, hospitals, lawyers and law enforcement, and handling prestigious legal and high profile forensic casework. We were one of the first laboratories to implement buccal swab DNA collection in routine casework almost two decades ago, and we have stayed true to our mission to provide the latest DNA testing technology by developing new and advanced DNA tests through cutting-edge research and development.

Our Clients

For over a decade, our laboratory has been relied upon as a trusted and recognized provider of critical medical diagnostic and identity testing services to hospitals, lawyers and government organizations.

We provide medical DNA diagnostic laboratory services the medical community throughout North America and around the world.

Our results have been validated for use in court in every state in the US and every province and territory in Canada. Our state-of-the-art DNA testing facility specializes in chain-of-custody DNA collections. Our legal and forensic test reports are fully court admissible.

While we are best known for supplying medical and legal DNA testing services to hospitals and government organizations, we have recently also began offering direct to consumer DNA testing, allowing consumers to conveniently access DNA testing for medical, identity and forensic applications.

State-of-the-Art Facilities & Advanced Diagnostic Services

Our state-of-the-art DNA testing laboratory provides the latest and most advanced DNA testing technology for clients from around the world in specialty areas including:

Medical Molecular Diagnostics

We are a leading medical and clinical molecular genetics laboratory, performing complex diagnostic assays for a wide range of genetic diseases, with continued development of new tests and improved testing methodologies.

Identity & Paternity

One of our core businesses is identity testing, including paternity and relationship testing for legal and medical communities from coast to coast. With hundreds of chain-of-custody collection sites around the world, our legal reports are fully court recognized.


Our laboratory provides a full selection of molecular ancestry testing services for individuals wishing to trace their ancestry using DNA. By testing markers in the Y-DNA and mtDNA, an individual’s placement in the phylogenetic tree of man can be determined, allowing people living today to see how they are linked back in time to their ancestral family groups.

Our test menu is continually expanding as a result of active test development and research.


Our excellence in quality control has earned us a wide range of accreditations. Our laboratory is one of the few laboratories in the world to receive all prestigious DNA laboratory accreditations: AABB, CAP, CLIA, SCC, and ISO17025, a testament of commitment to quality.

The goal of the accreditation program is to ensure that our laboratory maintains our mission to provide the highest level of accuracy through stringent regulation of testing protocols and strict enforcement of the highest quality control standards for all DNA tests that we perform.

Research & Innovation

While we are best known for advanced molecular genetic testing services, we are also a world class research organization which develops dozens of new molecular genetic tests each year based on the latest genetic research findings, ensuring the most accurate and comprehensive DNA tests.

Our dedicated Research and Development Department provides the latest DNA tests and assays when new technologies and discoveries become available. We have developed some of the most advanced testing panels in the industry and offers many complex and in depth DNA testing panels that are not available elsewhere.