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Give Your Child the Best Possible Future

Optimize your child's learning, nutrition & fitness based on their unique genetic makeup.

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SuperGene DNA tests help you understand your child's unique predispositions, empowering you to nurture their natural talents and support their development.
Bring out the genius in your child with DNA

Early Childhood Education DNA Test

Discover how DNA influences your child's predisposition for learning and extracurricular activities.
What’s included?
Find out which nutrients your child needs

Early Childhood Nutrition DNA Test

Learn about potential nutritional deficiencies (vitamins, folate, iron, omega-3 & more) to optimize your child's diet.
What’s included?
Tailor your child's activities to capture their strengths

Early Childhood Athletics & Fitness DNA Test

Find out how DNA influences your child’s athletic ability and injury risk. Personalize their activities based on genetics.
What’s included?
Help your child maintain a healthy weight

Early Childhood Obesity Risk DNA Test

Learn how your child's DNA influences their appetite, metabolism, and obesity risk.
What’s included?

Give Your Child the DNA Advantage

Start your child on the journey to success by understanding their unique genetic makeup.

Global Excellence in DNA Testing

Our DNA testing laboratory holds the industry's most prestigious accreditations – AABB, CAP, CLIA, and ISO17025. This means you can trust our results for their precision and reliability.

Discover Your Child's Potential in 3 Easy Steps

The DNA Advantage Today For A Brighter Future Tomorrow!

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