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Frequently Asked Questions

SuperGene offers genetic testing for children that can provide insights into their natural tendencies and needs related to learning ability, athletic potential, nutritional metabolism, and predisposition to obesity.

  1. Early Childhood Education DNA Test - Assesses predispositions for language learning, mathematical ability, musical talent, and more.
  2. Early Childhood Nutrition DNA Test - Identifies potential nutritional deficiencies and suggests optimal dietary needs.
  3. Early Childhood Athletic Ability & Fitness DNA Test - Evaluates athletic abilities, injury risk, and fitness traits.
  4. Childhood Obesity Risk Test - Analyses genetic factors influencing appetite, metabolism, and obesity risk.

SuperGene tests offer insights for children of all ages, even newborns! The earlier you understand your child's genetic predispositions, the sooner you can empower them with personalized learning, nutrition, and activity plans. (Note: A legal guardian's consent is required.)

You can order any of our DNA tests directly through our website. Simply select the test you're interested in, complete the ordering process, and we'll send you a convenient at-home collection kit.

Once you collect the sample, return it to us for analysis, and we'll provide you with detailed insights into your child's genetic profile.

SuperGene DNA tests offer insights into your child’s genetic predispositions in various domains including learning, extracurricular activities, nutrition, and physical fitness. By understanding these genetic factors early on, you can optimize your child’s development, cater to their nutritional needs, enhance their educational journey, and tailor physical activities to their strengths.

Absolutely. The tests are non-invasive, requiring only a simple mouth swab sample from your child.

Once your order is placed, we’ll send you a DNA collection kit with detailed instructions. After you’ve collected the sample and sent it back to us, our experts will analyze the DNA and compile a comprehensive report. You'll be notified when your report is ready to be viewed online.

Each test report is an in-depth document that provides detailed findings on the tested genetic markers and their implications. For instance, the Education DNA Test includes specific reports on language aptitude, reading, speech, and mathematical ability, among others. Beyond raw data, these reports offer guidance on how to apply this knowledge, such as recommended activities, dietary adjustments, or educational resources.

Yes, we take privacy and data security seriously. Your child's genetic information is kept strictly confidential and is only accessible to authorized personnel involved in the testing process. We adhere to strict privacy protocols and comply with all relevant regulations to ensure the protection of your data.

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