Innovation, Quality, Convenience

Science is the most important consideration in DNA testing. Genetrace was founded and led by Ph.D scientists guided by an evidence-based approach. Our mission is to provide the latest DNA testing technologies to our clients by developing new and advanced DNA tests through cutting-edge research and development.

Benefits of Genetic Testing

Disease Prevention

Knowing ones risk for a particular disease, allows practicing prevention early on.

Personalized Treatment

Physicians can use genetic information to plan personalized treatment options.

Lifestyle Benefits

Tailored DNA diet and fitness regimes can maximize health outcomes.

Finding Roots

Explore the past by uncovering family links and ancient ancestry

A Piece of Mind

Eliminates uncertainty, so informed decisions can be made about the future

Plan for the Future

Empower yourself by understanding your own DNA.

Innovation, Quality, Convenience

Genetrace was one of the first laboratories to implement mouth swabs for DNA collection in routine casework. We have stayed true to our mission for more than two decades providing the latest in DNA testing technology through cutting-edge research and development.

World Class Standards You Can Count On

We are one of the few laboratories in the world to receive all prestigious DNA laboratory accreditations: AABB, CAP, CLIA, SCC, and ISO17025, a testament of commitment to quality. All legal test reports exceed court recognition requirements.

DNA Testing Made Easy

Help your clients realize the power of DNA testing and make money doing it.

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